10 Awesome Facts About WEB.DE FreeMail

WEB.DE FreeMail is a free email service offered to all Germans by web.de. It offers you up to 2 GB of storage, and can be used with any device that has an internet connection – even your smartphone! WEB.DE FreeMail also comes with many great features such as spam protection and the ability to create folders for your emails. So if you’re looking for a new email provider, consider giving WEB.DE FreeMail a try today!

10 Awesome Facts About WEB.DE

10 Awesome Facts About WEB.DE FreeMail

1. WEB.DE FreeMail is a free webmail service that offers most of the basic features you need to get started with emailing, including up to 25 GB of storage space for your emails and social networking contacts.

2. WEB.DE FreeMail is powered by the latest web technology and allows you to access your account from any device, including mobile phones.

3. The service is optimized for the modern web with a responsive design, and it doesn’t require any downloads or installations.

4. WEB.DE is a leading Internet service provider in Germany that offers its customers compare storage space for their emails and social networking contacts.

5. WEB.DE FreeMail is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface for sending emails, managing your contacts, scheduling meetings, or composing documents.

6. WEB.DE FreeMail is free and doesn’t require registration or any software installation to use it, which means you can access your account from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

7. WEB.DE reaches over 31 million people in Germany every day, and our mobile apps are used by over 18 million customers of all ages

Unique visitors per month: WEB.DE is the most popular free email service worldwide with more than 12 million registered users – that’s about one-fifth of the total population! What does this mean?

8. WEB.DE FreeMail has an app for your iPhone or Android Web.de einloggen is a pioneer in the internet industry and was one of the first German email providers to offer its customers free, web-based e-mail accounts. This service also includes online storage space that can be accessed by any device with Internet access – from anywhere

9. WEB.DE FreeMail is a provider of the “Delete Service” Since 2005, customers have been able to delete their emails from all other providers by sending them to web de

10. WEB.DE FreeMail has a blog about the internet and more You can find out all sorts of cool things in our blog, such as: How to choose your new email address


There are many advantages to using WEB.DE FreeMail, not the least of which is that you can sign up for a free account without supplying an email address or phone number and only need to provide your desired password in order to get started! You’ll also be able to enjoy online storage space while being provided with a webmail service on any device with an Internet connection.

If you’re interested in deleting your emails from other providers, WEB.DE FreeMail offers the “Delete Service” since 2005 for customers who are looking to clean up their inboxes while gaining access to a powerful webmail service on any device! You can find out more about this and discover all sorts